Your customers deserve to see
how amazing your product is.

We’ll design the product
to make sure they do.

How We Can Help

We are a human centered design studio bringing your ideas to digital life.

We help identify your problem/product fit strategy.

We approach design with a holistic mindset.

We’re full of empathy for you and your users.

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I would spend fifty-five minutes thinking about the problem
and five minutes thinking about the solution.”

– A. Einstein

My Services


Develop prototypes
to gain insightful
feedback with users.

Optimize the
product characterization

Project Management

Oversee the entire
project with all other
involved members.

Ensure that your deadlines
are met and the end product
aligns with the vision.

User Experience

Design clean user
interfaces with goal
completion in focus.

Design the users interaction
with your product and brand
using a holistic approach.

Product Definition

Prioritize product
features based
on user definition.

Creating personas and
articulating the user
flow and scenarios.

About Me


Marcelle is a UX designer driven by her passion for creating beautiful, easy-to-navigate products, applications and websites. Her expertise lies in helping companies ensure their products are designed to best meet users’ needs, through storytelling, journey mapping and simplifying task completion. Marcelle started ProdUX Studio in 2014 after 8 years in the industry and is currently supporting a wide array of young companies to develop winning products.

Drawing on her experience in marketing and business development for leading Israeli software companies,

such as Kasamba, mySupermarket and Anyclip, Marcelle offers a holistic approach to product management, ensuring that improvements directly support business objectives.
Marcelle completed her BA at York University in Toronto with a major in Economics after which she worked as an investment adviser at one of Canada’s largest banks. She moved back to Israel at age 25, and now lives in Jerusalem with her husband and son. When she’s not running after her toddler she loves curling up with a history or mythology book.

Aharon Horwitz


Marcelle is a genius at product design and brings a results-oriented approach to her work. We highly recommend ProdUX!

Galya Harish


"Marcelle has been a real asset to the company. Apart from being a good person, honest, passionate and fun to work with, she has a rare combination of intelligence, professionalism, pro-activeness and fast execution. The results are apparent, she initiates projects and tasks, and executes them seamlessly in the speed of light."

Eliav Rodman


Working with Marcelle on the OrCam sales application was a real privilege. Marcelle is a delightful presence in any project, her professionalism is accompanied with a warm smile and she possesses a deep understanding of the way human beings interact with computers. I hope to work with her again on future projects and would wholeheartedly recommend her for yours.

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