We work with a holistic, user-centred approach, taking into account
both macro and micro experiences at every step of the flow.

We kick off all projects with face-to-face workshops (as many as needed) in which we learn about the founders, their motivations, their vision and the business strategies. This helps create a shared-understanding around the key challenges ahead.

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Defining the Problem

Understanding the problem has two layers; one is how the business sees it and the other is how the user sees it. We use a variety of tools and methodologies (scroll to see list) to combine both perspectives into a well-crafted problem definition that will serve as a compass for the entire project.



We continue the dialogue with sketches and initial prototypes for what the solution might look like, reflecting a suggested system flow. This helps us have a more constructive conversation about the product’s decision-making process. During this process we prefer to show various concepts to potential users and clients, getting their feedback and iterate accordingly.

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Detailed Design

Once we are all aligned and have a common image in our minds of what the solution will encompass, we start to focus on the details of the product; its feature sets, interactions, visual identity, microcopy and its personality.

Outcome & Deliverables

In addition to the customised process, the deliverables are also customised. Generally, for digital interface-based products, they include an interactive high-fidelity prototype, design materials and the product specification documentation. We manage the external tech development teams and make sure the ready-for-production product has not lost any of the insights we learned. We often continue iterations of the product with our clients, adding more feature sets based on usage and insights.



Out toolbox has a variety of methodologies in which we are well versed. Each project is unique and therefore, the right methodologies are applied.

  • design sprints

  • service design

  • system flow charts

  • interactive prototype

  • usability testing

  • team placement

  • design thinking

  • persona building

  • user story mapping

  • empathy mapping

  • information architecture

  • decision architecture

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